NSCC transitions to digital sign-in system

Maria Tobin
2 min readNov 28, 2020


Nova Scotia Community College develops QR codes for staff and students.

Maria Tobin-WTV News

DARTMOUTH: The NSCC Ivany Campus is using QR codes as a sign in method for the first time.

Due to COVID-19, the institution is requiring those who go on campus to sign in for mandatory tracing purposes. The use of QR codes is to create an efficient process for both faculty and students.

Student Services Manager at Ivany Campus, Stacey Burgess says the process will move more swiftly when everybody receives their code.

Burgess says students can get their code by using the online form and have the option to have their code printed or emailed to them.

“We’re really thinking about like trying to make it as efficient of a process as we can just generally,” says Burgess.

Burgess says the collection of data is needed as the college is working with the provincial health authority to assist in tracing exercises that could be needed with in the community.

Although technology can be unreliable, Burgess says the college is confident in handling possible issues.

“Even if WiFi is down, we still have the other paper process to fall back on as well to continue to collect that information,” says Burgess.

Jake Lenethen is a second year student in the Music Production and Engineering program at the Ivany campus who says he prefers using the code.

“It may only be less than a minute difference, but it’s that much easier to get into the school,” says Lenethen.

Students who don’t have their code must sign in at the main desk using their student ID numbers. Those who have their codes can skip the line and have it scanned by a security personnel.

“Especially when everyone has to be distanced while waiting in these line ups it definitely reduces the amount of people in the lobby,” says Lenethen.

All three campuses in the municipality are using the QR code sign in method while the other ten are leaning towards paper sign ins.

Burgess says that with COVID-19 restrictions remaining in place, the QR codes are a more efficient way to respect guidelines and ensure safety with in the college.