NSCC student has eyes set on designing cars

Maria Tobin
2 min readOct 8, 2019


Travis White is turning his hobby into his career

Image of Travis White/NSCC/Maria Tobin

NSCC student, Travis White, says he is excited to allow his passion for technology to grow throughout his second year at the college. The 19 year old from Stewiacke is currently enrolled in the Electronic Engineering Technology program.

The program consists of studying ideas of design and safe operations with electric power and industrial automation systems. Over two years, students learn how to create circuits from electronics such as an ATM machine to a television.

White says he chose NSCC right after high school and has a hard time picturing himself anywhere else.

“If I wasn’t at NSCC, I honestly don’t think I would be going to school,” says White.

Before entering the program, White worked IT at his high school, has done several projects using electronics, and says technology has become a hobby of his. In order to be accepted, White had to complete Physics 11 and Mathematics.

White says upon graduating from the college, he plans to work in the industry for a year, then return to school to take the Industrial Mechanical program at NSCC. He believes having both programs will widen his options in the industry.

“It will give me a mechanical background, as well as an electronic background,” White says, “which would give me more opportunity in the industry.”

The 19 year old has a strong interest in cars and hopes to have a career in the car mechanics industry. He says cars have always interested him.

White is fascinated by the idea of deisgning and troubleshooting vehicles, especially for the salary.

“The new Ford has like 32 electronics modules, somebody has to design those, troubleshoot them, fix, make. You can make big salary there,” he says.

The new car you purchase could have Travis White as its new designer.