NSCC campuses hosting mental health event

Maria Tobin
2 min readOct 8, 2019

Relax, connect, and have fun is is the libraries goal

Image of Serena Mott/Maria Tobin

NSCC Dartmouth campuses will be hosting a “Games @ the Library” event during Canadian Library month to support students well-being.

The event will take place at the Ivany and Aviation campuses from October 22 to October 24. It is in support of mental health and students will be able to participate in various games and laughing therapy improve games.

The event is partnered with Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA).

Library and Information Technology students will be volunteering and running the event to help promote library resource.

“Its a great opportunity to showcase libraries other resources,” says LIT students, Serena Mott.

LIT students and organizers of the event are wanting to show students the meaning of Canadian Library month which is to highlight that the library is more than a study space, and is an interactive, relaxing area.

“A lot of people use it as a learning space and a dynamic space, which I think is pretty fanstatic,” says Mott.

This will be the second year the event takes place, with last years turn out being the second highest in the Atlantic. LIT students are hopeful to have a greater turn out this year.

“Considering last year was a success, Im pretty confident this year will be successful as well,” says Mott.

The event will not have donations set up, However APLA will have a draw to win an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Amazon gift card.

The school will not be spending or giving any money towards the event.