Indian festival gives Nova Scotia a brighter perspective

Locals step foot into the culture of India with the Diwali Festival

Maria Tobin
2 min readOct 30, 2019


Image of Diwali Decorations/Maria Tobin

The Indian Festivals Club of Nova Scotia is working on bridging communities by sharing their traditions with the province.

From October 18 to 20, the Diwali Festival took place at the Halifax Forum and brightened up the city with the celebration of their culture. Traditionally, Diwali is celebrated in South East Asian countries by Hindus.

The term “Diwali” means a festival of lights with the lights representing the good in bad situations through the year. Along with several lights, the event served food from all regions of India, rangoli designs, and traditional dances. The perfect way to bring the Indian culture to the maritimes.

Organizers of the event have one goal which is to bring their background into their new home.

“We wanted to make sure that we have something that is bridging our disputes from home and something that can show the community here how we celebrate our festivals,” says Ujjvala Khichi.

Khichi has been involved with IFCNS since 2015 and has seen more people come together over the years and make each celebration special. Khichi and other organizers always hope for more participants at the events as years go by.

IFCNS has been successful with its growing turnout for events as their celebrations are becoming more reconized by the province.

“We are very diverse and have so many people, its very ethnic and everyone wants to know what is happening,” says Khichi.

Image of Ujjvala Khichi/Maria Tobin

The Diwali Festival has made a remarkable impact on the people of Nova Scotia over the years. With Diwali having a strong meaning, it allows participants to be in a sense of relief when understanding its purpose.

“To me, Diwali means moving forwards and letting the bad go,” says Gail Drisdelle.

This year’s festival was the first time Drisdelle attended and is already encouraging others to join in on cultural events that take place in the province.

The event has allowed participants to learn about its background and appreciate the meaning of life within the Indian culture.

“It’s such a rich culture and it helps everybody to know other cultures, it deepens your love of life,” says Drisdelle.

For any Nova Scotians who are passionate about new beginnings, learning about the Indian culture maybe their next step to lighting up their life a little bit more.